Note to parents:

CAUTION Motorized wheel toys have the potential for hair entanglement

To prevent entanglement, keep hair away from wheels.

If hair gets caught by winding around a wheel, simply stop the wheel by firmly grabbing it.  Next, press the back or head button once to stop motor from running.  Next, slowly unwind hair from axle by turning the wheel by hand.

Zhu Zhu Hamsters™ are not designed to be a sleep toy, remove the batteries if your child wishes to take it to bed.



Your Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster needs you!

Right out-of-the-box you can hear it "chatter" and make its own silly noises when you press its nose...

If your Hamster is already "exploring" and running around, when it bumps its nose it will make a startled noise, and back-up out of the way, and then run off to explore some more!

When you want to cuddle with or "reward" your hamster, pet it on the head (right behind the ears... they like that a lot) Your hamster will chirp and purr and coo contentedly. These little furballs love it when you pet them... and they'll keep "talking" until they get bored and go to sleep.

To let your hamster know it's OK to run around and explore its environment, press it on its back and watch them go! Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters love to run around and explore. If you want to calm them down, you can pat it on the head button to cuddle (and it will stop running) or you can press it on its back and you will hear your Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster yawn and then go to sleep.


Spare Parts

We are partnering with the charitable organization, Lighthouse for the Blind, , which provides meaningful employment for blind and legally blind individuals. They will be taking and filling orders for replacement parts for our hamsters and accessories*.
Costs are intended to cover normal shipping and handling, with any surpluses going to support their Charitable Mission.

Here is a direct link to their ordering page: Replacement Parts
* only orders from the U.S. can be placed due to import/export issues, special handling, and customs documents. LHB cannot ship outside the United States.